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a2zLikes Lifetime Guarantee

a2zLikes includes a lifetime guarantee in this order. The followers you receive are permanent and the lost followers will be refill for free.

What is Facebook profile follows?

On personal Facebook profiles, it is possible to allow the option for other Facebook users to “Follow” you in your preferences. Once a user has followed you, then they will receive your wall updates in their newsfeed, similar to that of a Facebook page. This way, you can enjoy many of the exact advantages Facebook Page owners can do, however with your personal profile.

How can I enable visitors to follow me?
How many followers should I order?
How can I see my total number of followers?

Once you’ve enabled people to follow you, you are able to see who has followed your profile by visiting the own timeline. At the left, under “About”, start looking for the “Followed by” metric to observe a total count of the number of people are following you. This amount can take a little while to update, so please check each 24 hours after placing the order to monitor progress.

Are these real people following my Facebook profile?
Which is better, Facebook followers or Facebook likes?
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