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a2zLikes Lifetime Guarantee

a2zLikes includes a lifetime guarantee in this order. The fans you receive are permanent and the lost fans will be refill for free.

Are these actual people liking my facebook page?

Yes. We’re promoting your page to a massive audience of individuals, and whoever decides to like it’ll like it . We don’t compensate users for liking fan pages, nor do we utilize bots or employ click-farms like most of our competitors.

Can you work with a page which has restrictions enabled?
Can this get me in trouble with Facebook?
Can I run an a2zLikes campaign along with a third-party campaign?
Are the Facebook page likes and fans exactly same thing?
How long does these likes stick to my facebook page?
Is there a limit on the number of likes you can acquire?

No; the sky is your limit. We have pricing available around 1 million fans, but if you want more than that, please contact us for a custom quote. We’ve helped larger brands and celebrities acquire millions of fans.

How is this service different from more cheaper solutions?
Why I haven't noticed any additional likes yet?
Why do I need to purchase your services?
How to Get Discount for large orders?
Can you work with a page that is prohibited on Facebook Ads?
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